Monday, December 27, 2010

last night.

I feel compelled to escape to the fashion world, where there is no definite right or wrong.

i saw u in paris

i thought u're an english
u still, a bit inviting
u're slier on monday

Floral print dress from Sg. Wang, RM18
Red floral brooch, DIY
White pinstripe men's blazer, hand-me-down
Key-chains necklace, DIY

Oh, n i wore this thing on my head for that bumped up effect!! haha~

I feel better already. :)

Friday, December 17, 2010

Once upon a picnic...

Oh, hello, another delayed post from me. this picture is taken in UPM during my convocation. (17th October 2010). I am very blessed to have an enthusiastic photographer and the ever-so-willing-partner-in-crime En.Nanas. The skirt is given to me by my neighbour a long, long time ago and is actually part of a dress. I chopped off the upper half because there is a huge stain on it. Had to do something with the lower half because i totally love the prints. That's something that you just can't throw away!

Him: Lallalla~~
Her: Oh, mi amour~~

 Her: I've always wanted to be a rockstar.

 Her: *chuckles*

 Her: You look exhausted..You should take some rest.
Him: Oh, no. I'm fine.
Her: Oh, give me the guitar!!

                     Her: Let's kick arse!!!
                          Him: I'm not too sure...~   

Her: Tube dress worn as inner, RM25, hand-me-down floral skirt (refashioned), lace bolero RM15, COTTON ON black flats
Him: Black fitted blazer (photographer's), shirt and pants (i don't know actually :P), CONVERSE sneakers, polka dot bow tie DIY

Photographer: Paan Adzhar

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Taiwan Women Film Festival 2010

So last Saturday i went to the Taiwan Women Film Festival 2010, in HELP uni without any expectation. I saw the trailer for "Spider Lilies' before and the thing that i concluded was:  Lesbian movie.

I thought there will be more 18sx action

Little did i know that during the movie i bawled my eyes out. I was wrong. It's not JUST a lesbian movie - full stop. That movie was good. It was more. I felt that the message was very profound and deep

Although the main gimmick of the movie is the taboo issue of lesbianism (At least in this part of the world it is), according to the director the other central theme of the movie is moving on. The movie depicts the different ways people choose to overcome obstacles in life and the coping mechanism that presumably helps them to go on with life. Go on with life they did but move on, no. Lil Jade is my favourite character.

A young Jade in her made believe world

When Lil jade was younger, her mother left with her brother to Taipei, leaving her with her granny. She was too young to be able to deal with such rejection from being abandoned and so she came up with the stories of how her mother died while saving her from an earthquake. Her coping mechanism is lying to herself. And thus she lives in her own fantasy world where unlike real life she has some control in her life.

Her happiness and cheerfulness is just to repress her deeper issues. Everything looks good in this window
As an adult, she decided to be a webcam girl where virtual world becomes her new fantasy world. Her fantasy world offers her a sense of control. When something doesn't go according to plan, she just shuts off by slamming her laptop. Sounds like something that can happen to us.

During the movie the feelings that i get is loneliness. The loneliness of all the character in the movie and how somehow the try to seek companionship as a remedy. And hence, it's not just a movie about homosexuality because in the movie, there was no hesitation or question about whether the girl and girl love is right or wrong. It's as though, the homosexual relationship depicted is an inherent and perfectly normal part of life. And i think it's a brilliant idea to not JUST make a lesbian movie. Sometimes to create awareness you, subtlety is the key. Adios!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Pooh might get photoshooted.

I've always wanted to take some photographs and see how it turn out. Not bad for a first time i guess. I do enjoy outdoor shoot. Hope to do more utilising stuffs that i have tinkered with.

Thrifted top (refashioned) Rm10, high waist pencil skirt rm25
On pune: boyfriend shirt RM15, tube dress RM25, studded belt DIY