Monday, January 31, 2011

Let go

'In life, there will always be things, or people, that make us cry, that betray us, that steal from us, that make us wanna kill ourselves at a certain point of time. But let go. Let go of the anger, the grudge, and any intention for revenge. Let go and see the bigger picture. An unhappy moment in life, is just another moment among other moments to come. Let go and move on.

And let go of the people who hurt you. They are toxic. It's nice to be nice, but it's wiser to be wise. I believe God taught us to be nice to people, but God never told us to please everyone we know. We have the right to do the right thing. And as the owner of our own life, we know what's right for us.

And clothes. They're just clothes. Pass them down. Buy new ones. They just wrap the outside. They do not feed our soul.'                                                                                    Diana Rikasari

thank you. alhamdulilah.

Sunday, January 30, 2011


"don't let other people
dictate your life
set your limits

they've had their say
had their way

now is your time
to find your own
golden self"

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Dearest God.......................

Dearest God,
Someone above..
the universe?
yeah, you
invisible man

Dearest God,
It is me
a tiny person
My job is
treating ailments
expecting the worse
telling why
but i feel that a lot of things are
not in my hands
not in my control

Dearest God,
where am i now?
distracting myself
with tv, facebook
deluding the agony
i want to feel i've contributed
ease your misery
i wish i could take that away
but all i can do now is
wait and see

oh, this is not for me~

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

I had a good good meal..............burp~~

This year holds a lot of excitement for me. And, I'm extremely grateful to God for all the blessings. A lot of things didn't happen as they were planned but it in a way perhaps it is meant to be.

Another thing that i noticed is that things come to you if you ask for it. They do. You just have to put yourself in a place that will provide the chance. So, thank you God, again. and thank you, Courage.

I feel extra happy today because i went for a jog. A good sweat no matter how big or small always makes me feel better!! :)

p/s- oh, i can't wait for the SHAPE workshop this Saturday!! :)

Monday, January 3, 2011

.happiness is:

when ur small family with whom u bicker with all the time.
in front of the t.v cheering malaysian football team against the indonesian team..
and mum suddenly said: this is one of our family happy moments.........

3-0, many thanks to the malaysian team..for not only uniting my family but the whole malaysian citizen..

Sunday, January 2, 2011

to do list:

I always have a to-do list with me. Here's to 2011

1. Focus on my passion. Do the things you love everyday.
2. Exercise regularly
3. Eat at a regular time
4. Let loose...BRRRrrr~ Don't be so uptight ay... Be adventurous!! Instead of asking why say why not??
5. Go toThailand
6. Join a dance class
7. Join an dance course?? or anything that promotes self-expression
8. Volunteer in a charity of choice. For the bigger picture.
9. Read more books. Say 36 books this year. 10days for each books.
10. and so much more.

dearest 2011

Dearest 2011,

i am lost
so let me lose myself in you
I have so many fears
so let's face them one by one
I have so many likes
so let's focus on the one by one
I have so many, many wants
but there is only one want i really, really want
I want to wake up looking forward to the day
wake up feeling grateful for doing the
things i love
I want to live a life doing
things I love
being with people
I love
and I will let go all these
things that
was never really mine