Thursday, September 29, 2011

Sood Sanae Ha (Love Recipe review)

I'm hooked to the hilt to a thai lakorn!!! I have always thought that all thai lakorn's are so over dramatic, their leading actress are always so weak and submissive and the villains are so one-dimensional..yeck!! It's true that some are, (I saw it with my own bare eyes!) but perhaps, I have not seen enough because recently, i bumped into a romantic comedy thai lakorn unlike others. Allow me to present:

Sood Sanae Ha (Love Recipe). Starring Ken and Anne among others.

The lakorn is about a super wealthy, pretty, spoilt and very single, fallen, thirtysomethingish celebrity Alin (Anne Thongprasom) trying to get back into the entertainment industry. She does this by agreeing to join a cooking show only to meet the owner of the production company, Khun Anucha (Willy McIntosh) and falling head over heels for him. I was taken aback by his hotness too but in this show he has a very feeble and weak personality, so, not that appealing (besides, signs of aging are starting to show). The requirement to be the host of this show is to know how to cook. And Alin doesn't but she's a good actress so she lied that she could!! She wants the job badly as it is an opportunity for her to spend more time with Khun Anucha and being thirtysomethingish she wants a husband. Then, she hired a chef to teach her how to cook, so here's where Khun Din comes in (Ken Theeradeth).

you are hired!

many funny scenes guaranteed to make your tummy explode with laughter

Their personality clashes!!! Khun Din is the son of a servant and suffers major low self-esteem while Alin on the other hand, is rich and pampered by her aunties since young, she's very egocentric and an optimist. It's lovely to see how Alin who always gets it her way is tamed by the soft-spoken yet foul-mouthed (and very handsome) Khun Din. Alin is loud and expressive, Khun Din is shy and stern. I love when Khun Din cold stance is melted away by Alin outlandishness. There's too many adjectives in this post eh. I try my best to describe it but seriously, go watch it yourself.  This is thai drama without (most of) it's cliche..

some feel good moments..aww..
"If you love that person because they are perfect, but when you realized that they have some flaws and are not like you’ve imagine, the love that you have will slowly fades. Although, if it’s the love that you have made that person perfect no matter what happens, then no matter how many flaws that person has in the eyes of other people, but for you, they’re still perfect. It will be hard for you to stop loving them and the love will never fades. All of these emotions, other than making you smile and laugh, but it will also make you think of your own love life, and it will form a question of whether “Do you love him/her because they are perfect or is it because of your love that made him/her perfect?"                                     quoted by Kru Cook.. Aww...

Also staring:
Job Niti S. as Patiko, Alin loyal PA and another goofer

Sonia Cooling (as Sopita) and Willy McIntosh (Anucha)

Broadcast period: October 29, 2009 to December 23, 2009 (I know I am super late, but you know what they say)
Verdict: This show made me laugh out loud and teary sometimes. I'd give it a 8/10...

Friday, September 16, 2011

Clouds don't deter us.

hanging around
Mel and I both share the love of being in front of the camera. We are that shameless and narcissistic!! muahaha!! She's really creative and I never say no to photoshoot session. Hence, last week we arranged a time for our overdue photography session.

It is in the a predominantly Chinese neighborhood located just right behind the bustling Seri Kembangan wet market.
The crime scene

Dear Mel

wearing vintage dress (mom's), gold ballerina rm10

I hope to see to see you again. I hope you remember me and the chat we had under the sweet soft rain.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Day 2 — Your favorite movie

Adam Sandler plays a commitment phobia, girl-chasing player who falls in love with the girl of his dreams, only to find out that she has short term memory lost. She forgets him the very next day!! And so this is the story of how he courts her again every day playing every trick he has. Someday they're in love, someday they're not. The ending is super sweet, and it left such an impression to me that every day is a new day to fall in love. This movie is perhaps a hyperbolic superimposition of life as we know it. We all do have 'short term memory lost' in some ways don't we? I would love to be reminded everyday why we are in love. :) ah, i know my utopian dreams.  

Can we keep this flame of love alive, for another day? and the day after every tomorrow?

Friday, September 2, 2011


i feel empty
there's like a hole in my core
like a donut
only less enticing
things make me happy
for awhile
and then i do stuffs
they make me happy
for awhile
a lot of things
that matters
used to matter
what's the point actually?
what's the point of going on with life
what am i looking for why do I need to stay
why do i need to do all this
what's the point
my head is weighed down by the
enormosity of the lack of things
that matter
i have so much
and yet

Thursday, September 1, 2011


is when there is only me,
only me
for breakfast, lunch and dinner,
only me in my single bed alone,
only me in this damn house
i don't call home

who do u think i should call?
what excuses u think i'm making
what else should i buy
who else should i talk to
what else should i do
or not do?

why am i here to feel all these?