Tuesday, January 31, 2012

How to Suit Up after hours!

Hanabishi blazer with deep purple lining,iolet t-shirt from FOS, ROMP skinny jeans, pumps from a bazaar, unbranded lilac vintage-like bag from Times Square
I wore this for a dinner date with my family. I got the blazer from a thrifting trip and instantly fell in love with it. A blazer that would fit my brother just nice but is a little oversized for me. Honestly, I’ve never worn a blazer out for anything other than in the office. Of course it's nothing new to bring your blazer out for a casual outing. A lot of people have been doing it but for me, it's a new leap!!

Here’s how I brought it out of the closet:

1. It could be too masculine – All you got to do is tame it. Pair a blazer with a killer pump and let your hair down!

2. It could be too formal – Couple it with casual clothings and you get smart casual!! In my case, I coupled it with my skinny jeans and plain blue tee.

3. It could be too serious – get a silly blazer then. One with coloured linings or accessorize.

Finally got to wear!

Monday, January 30, 2012

Thai movie 2010/2011

In my quest to learn the thai language, I have immersed myself in movie and dramas (lakorns) from Thailand. It turns out that there were many good movies and lakorns. I got myself hooked on a couple of lakorns and now, I have to learn Thai language to understand these lakorns. Bummer!!

By the way, I'm half siamese so please understand my obsession with learning the language. Last year, I watched 4 Thai movies. Some were turned out to be better than I expected, some so-so, the rest..meh~ I won't go in depth as they were released quite long ago and you could find the reviews so easily on the net. I do have to note that I watched them on youtube. Here's a short summary: *note: There's some spoiler ahead. Not too much but they are there*

#1 Yes or No (2010) : Me likey!!! Thai lesbian movie. I wasn't expecting much when i watched this movie. I am pretty open towards same sex relationship but not sure if I could empathize with their love. Turns out that not only was I entranced by the sweet scenes, I even cried during their conflicts. I love it when a movie which I have absolutely no expectation of comes and sweeps me off my feet! Love is universal indeed. This movie stars Tina Jitaleela as Kim and Aom as Pie. The story revolves around Pie who has negative perception towards tomboys and how one day she got a tomboy roommate (Kim). Overall, this movie is funny, thought provoking and left me with a good hopeful feeling. It is a great way to gently educate the mass public of a different kind of love. I am really happy to find out that Yes or No 2 has started filming this January 2012. Will be expecting the sequel end of this year perhaps?

#2 Suckseed (2011) - me likey very much too!! This musical teenage flick stars Jirayu La-ongmanee (Kao), Natcha Nuanjam, Pashorn Jiratiwat (Peach), Thawat Pornrattanaprasert. Generally, it's about 2 best friends starting an amateur to impress girls and everyone else. They are the underdogs that seek to be rise up the social status quo by having this band. Things gets all complicated when a long lost girl friend, Ern, gets into the equation. The show is really funny and i like that it plays homage to the Thai rock music industry. You can see that it is interspersed with popular Thai song with cameos by popular Thai rock bands e.g. Paradox (my fav song! Summer), Big Ass, Bodyslam etc. Watching this movie will give you an insight of the popular (there's no other way to describe it) songs/bands that makes up the Thai rock industry. For me, it was nostalgia. Those are the bands I used to hear (and now forgotten) on my cousin's CD. Should you watch this movie: Hell Yeah!!

#3 Crazy Little Thing Called Love (2010) - meh~ Stars Baifern as Nam and Mario Maurer as Shone. Very meh~ indeed. A lot of people loved it, I'm sure. It's a little too lengthy and draggy for me. It's has a cliche storyline no doubt, an ugly ducking turned into a swan only to find out her crush was into her all along.. (is this a spoiler?) Cliche! You would have guessed it. I'm not against cliche but the pace is too slow. This.......is boring..at least for me. Not much humor. Not much chemistry between the two couples. Although I do have to applaud Baifern's acting. Mario is an eye candy. Kinda too perfect. Can't blame him. But I do have to say there are some parts of the movie that I could relate too. Every girl who's had a crush during high school would find this movie relatable.

#4 Hello Stranger (2010) - so-so Boy meets girl in Korea. Boy not a fan of korean culture. Girl is a crazy Kdrama fangirl. They are stuck on this trip together but decides not to know each other's identity until the end. The trailer made it seem super exciting but I find the movie too lengthy too. Perhaps I am no Kpop or the korean culture fan so i don't find the movie relatable at all. Entertaining but nothing to hu-ha about.

I hope to watch more this year. But then again, I am quite selective. I watch mainly rom-com and do not intend to tread other genres. To 2012!! Cheers!!

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Welcoming the dragon year.

The year is the year of the water dragon according to the chinese lunar calendar. The water dragon will bring, heck, lotsa water!! Think rain, storm...tsunami?? gulp!! Personally, I do feel we are on our way to more extreme weathers with our reckless living. Water dragon or no, there will be storm. A-ny-wayy, I digressed. This year's Chinese New Year was extra special to me because I went back to my hometown. It made me really happy to see all my relatives. It also made me think a lot too.

I got to see my grandma again. This picture will always reminds me about impermanence and how one day, I will age too. Or not. (if i die young, i get a botox, a new anti aging drug is invented, u never know). Time will pass me by. I hope if I ever reach that age, I would still be as feisty and high-spirited.. :D

The customary steamboat. Man.....I love this!! I could have it for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Best with lots of people. My favourite items are crab stick, quail's egg, oyster and enoki mushroom!! bliss~  

Not a typical CNY feast. It's mango somtam (thai salad), grilled chicken wings and glutinous rice. It's something my relatives prepared for us during our visit. It was sooooooooooooooo deli-delicious!! Miss it!!

My CNY ensemble. I bought all this during my shopping trip in Times Square, Kuala Lumpur. This whole attire cost me a hundred ringgit. (White tee RM10/crimson shorts with belt RM30/lilac vintage-like bag RM40/tan wedges RM20). I got it all at a good bargain. And the quality is not too bad. Max love the wedges. It's the last piece, my size and so comfortable!!

Everyone, meet momo. He's staying with my grandpa and he is such a cutie!

Yoyot (my rabbit) had been living with O (my friend's one eared cat) when I was away. DO NOT leave cats and rabbits together unsupervised. This picture was taken during yoyot's exercise time and it is under supervision. Yoyot looks real relaxed. I wouldn't say the same for O though. He seems a little tensed!

That's CNY for me this year. A long holiday, but very fruitful indeed. I will remember it with good feelings. Hope all of you had a good time too!! :D

Monday, January 9, 2012

New Year + New FLoral Wreath..

I think it's not too late to say hello 2012!! I am really happy to be part of you. And even if its the end of the world on 12th of Dec (according to my mom and she said her resource was the Mayan calendar), I don't think I have any regrets. Act, I don't mind if it is end of the world or not. I think life has to go on. (or not go on) No matter much time we have on earth, we must cherish every moment of it.

 I made a floral hair wreath after inspirations from stores in etsy and Yaya in Game Rai Game Ruk. I like how it turn out. I am on headband madness now!! I want to make more, more!! :DDD

Which brings me to my New Year's resolution:
1. DIY more!! 1 new DIY project per week. Actually, my real dream is to have a successful handmade business. :D Amen.

2. Cook at least once a week at home. Reason being: healthier. True underlying motive: I want to save for my travel plan.

3. Travel to 2 different countries this year. This year's must go is Bangkok!! I hope to be able to bring my mom there. I know that would make her really happy.

4. Have better skin. I think there's only so much skincare products can do. I want to nourish my skin from within. Drink more water, eat more fruits, exercise (people who exercise regularly always looks younger than their age).

5. Blog regularly. At least once a week la duh....At least can keep track of my activities.

6. Read at least one book per month. To be more specific: feel good books so I feel good every month.

7. Save more money!! This one don't need to elaborate la.

8. Be more neat.

9. Be more adventurous with fashion. If not now, when? It's going to be the end of the world soon!!

10. Work diligently and give good customer service all the time. Improve my knowledge in my field too. :D

I can only think of these. No six pack abs for me. I am happy with my little cute pouch. :D. I'm just so grateful I came this far in life. There's a long way more to go. Happy 2012 all!!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Hello, hello~

Very ambitious of me to get this pumps. Honestly, I am still learning to walk (and look normal) with these. But, I love how they lengthen my legs!

Yoyot seems to like my new pumps a lot. Thank god, I managed to save them from his bunny teeth!! He's turning more and more handsome each day.

Made these new headband. I really don't know how to describe it. I'm calling it bunny ear headband. :D