Wednesday, February 23, 2011

February fun!! *and im doin all of it at once! haito~~*

13th February, Couple Fun Run with my spontaneous buddy. Qna dong~~ My initial partner ditched me last minute and Qna came to the rescue. With so little preparation, some free time, she agreed to be my partner with an open heart. Thank you Qna.
 It was a fun day indeed!! :) When things don't go as planned, they don't go as planned. Despite the uncertainty as last minute changes. Qna is the kind that is open to adventures. Sometimes we do things the harder way like taking the public transport and choosing to walk but, that's where all the adventure is!! It is inconvenient but do u Indiana Jones had it easy?? He certainly didn't choose to travel around in an air-conditioned car.
The run was held in Taman Tasik Titiwangsa. It's a 3km  individual run and 2km 3 legged partner run. We arrived late at around 8 am. Most people have completed the 3 km run and were going to the 2kn 3 legged run. But the organizers were really nice to allow us start our race anyway in the name of fun!! :)

On our way back, we decided to explore taman tasik Titiwangsa before we leave and we came across a stall selling empty batik cloth frames. for rm10. They provide colours for us to paint with. That's my first time painting batik. Awesomeness!!

Night time was Chinese New Year yee sang gathering with the bunch of gang. We had our meal at Pangkor Village restaurant. The fish head curry is to die for!! Absolute love!!

with them beauties

Ended the night playing firecracker

a tiring weekend, but :) Amin.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

skinny legs and all by tom robbins

come to me. skinny legs and all. :)

grotesque by natsuo kirino

Was playing dress up with this shirt that i sew the other day. i was so bersemangat that i made a full make up albeit a little cincai one. From the pictures i felt like, i look like the way the character Kazuo Sato tried to protray and brand herself as a prostitute. Maybe she was more grotesque. Because i thought i look more garish than grotesque. But i appreciate the aesthetic of the monster that she is. Grotesque was one of the novel that i kept on reading consistently. I finished it in a week. I hope to read Out by Natsuo Kirino. I'm sure it's another bomb.