Thursday, March 15, 2012

Of sarees and laddus - Prem's wedding

  My classmate, Prem, got married last 2 weeks.  It was held on an early Sunday morning. At 7.30 am to be precise. That early on a Sunday morning??? But according to my friend, the wedding would have to be held at an auspicious time because it is believed to affect the longevity and prosperity of the wedding. Let's say, if the calculated auspicious time is at 3 a.m. and so the ceremony would have to be held at that time.

The ceremony
The ceremony takes quite some time and is accompanied all the while with prayers and the traditional musical instruments.

The happy groom and bride on their throne
Of course, I would not let go the chance of wearing a saree!!

My friend was like, why wear a saree?
1. You are not even Indian.
 I mean, that's all the reason why I should wear a saree! For one, I've not worn it and saree is a beautiful piece of art. The embelishments are so intricate and handmade!! Love is in the details baby!!

2. It's really troublesome to wear a saree.
The pessismist were like, 'You sure you wanna wear saree? You sure? Really hard to tie you know'
Yes, I am sure!! Give me that saree. I don't know how to tie but I will learn! I didn't find the process of wearing saree troublesome at all. In fact, I was so blessed to have friends who are willing to help me tie my saree together with me. (You really need an extra hand at it)

Okay, no pictures of me at the wedding because I was busy gobbling down on food and looking very unladylike at it!! Muahaha!

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

A garden wedding..

Isn't the place just lovely!

Last weekend was a wedding weekend. I attended 2 very different weddings (a garden wedding and an Indian one) but let's start with this garden wedding at Kelana Jaya Plaza. It's an outdoor wedding set beside a lake. So, it wasn't really on a garden but the fresh flowers and the white chairs (which resembles white picket fence) made it 'garden-y' enough.

Sand ceremony
 I arrived kinda late and missed the whole vow exchange and lip service. By the time I arrived, the bride and groom were pouring sands into a cylindrical vessel. This is my first time seeing the ceremony done but it's no  mystery as to why it was done. After some googling, I found out I am right. hehehe. The sand ceremony is performed by the bride and groom pouring different colour of sand into a vessel. It signifies the unity of 2 lives and besides it's great as a reminder of the wedding day.

cupcakes makes great wedding cake!
I was eye-ing the cupcake all the time. They were so adorable, I want to gobble them up!! I think cupcakes are great as wedding cake. Cut's out the hassle of cutting cakes. Plus, did I mention they were adorable??

The happy newlyweds
The newlywed look so happy together. I always feel so happy looking at newlyweds. The always look so genuinely happy together And, somehow, my little heart is brought to the days of my innocence in which I still do believe in happy endings and fairy tales (and that I had weather control power? 0.o) Dear, God, please be kind to me and give me a happy marriage too. :D pretty please?

 Bright pink drape dress from ChowCHow boutique
black kitten heels
vintage bag 

Forgive my pictures. I had to edit them because the colours weren't so good.I just added filters to make them brighter. By the way, I recently purchased the dress for this wedding. I think bright pink makes a perfect combo with an outdoor garden party wedding.

white chairs, u look like white picket fence u know!!
 The dress was kinda too short for my liking. *Note to self: please wear patterned leggings or black leggings with it next time. Ooh, n the thing that I loved most with the wedding is:

FRESH FLOWERS!! And the roses smells lovely!!

Went back with a tummy full of cupcakes and fuzzy feeling.

On my way back, I went to my bff's place at Bukit Beruntung, Rawang to get a saree for the Indian wedding the next day. We had cendol and rojak pasembor over a great catching up session. The cendol and rojak were one of the better ones that I've tried. I am salivating as I type this.. :D Nyum!! 

The peanut sauce was thick and full of flavours.
It was a cold day but there's no stopping us from having our cendol!
I am hungry already.