Tuesday, March 6, 2012

A garden wedding..

Isn't the place just lovely!

Last weekend was a wedding weekend. I attended 2 very different weddings (a garden wedding and an Indian one) but let's start with this garden wedding at Kelana Jaya Plaza. It's an outdoor wedding set beside a lake. So, it wasn't really on a garden but the fresh flowers and the white chairs (which resembles white picket fence) made it 'garden-y' enough.

Sand ceremony
 I arrived kinda late and missed the whole vow exchange and lip service. By the time I arrived, the bride and groom were pouring sands into a cylindrical vessel. This is my first time seeing the ceremony done but it's no  mystery as to why it was done. After some googling, I found out I am right. hehehe. The sand ceremony is performed by the bride and groom pouring different colour of sand into a vessel. It signifies the unity of 2 lives and besides it's great as a reminder of the wedding day.

cupcakes makes great wedding cake!
I was eye-ing the cupcake all the time. They were so adorable, I want to gobble them up!! I think cupcakes are great as wedding cake. Cut's out the hassle of cutting cakes. Plus, did I mention they were adorable??

The happy newlyweds
The newlywed look so happy together. I always feel so happy looking at newlyweds. The always look so genuinely happy together And, somehow, my little heart is brought to the days of my innocence in which I still do believe in happy endings and fairy tales (and that I had weather control power? 0.o) Dear, God, please be kind to me and give me a happy marriage too. :D pretty please?

 Bright pink drape dress from ChowCHow boutique
black kitten heels
vintage bag 

Forgive my pictures. I had to edit them because the colours weren't so good.I just added filters to make them brighter. By the way, I recently purchased the dress for this wedding. I think bright pink makes a perfect combo with an outdoor garden party wedding.

white chairs, u look like white picket fence u know!!
 The dress was kinda too short for my liking. *Note to self: please wear patterned leggings or black leggings with it next time. Ooh, n the thing that I loved most with the wedding is:

FRESH FLOWERS!! And the roses smells lovely!!

Went back with a tummy full of cupcakes and fuzzy feeling.

On my way back, I went to my bff's place at Bukit Beruntung, Rawang to get a saree for the Indian wedding the next day. We had cendol and rojak pasembor over a great catching up session. The cendol and rojak were one of the better ones that I've tried. I am salivating as I type this.. :D Nyum!! 

The peanut sauce was thick and full of flavours.
It was a cold day but there's no stopping us from having our cendol!
I am hungry already.


  1. Very great place, great decoration <3 <3
    such a great post, deaar

    Perfectly Me

  2. hi sweetie,,
    awwwww i really love every single pic here, the cupcakes are adorable! really. they are so beautiful. i prefer to keep them and take pictures of those cute cupcakes than eat it all. lovely wedding decoration too.
    i love your pink dress, you look so cute and pretty.
    i hope someday i will have amazing wedding too...

  3. thank you for your sweet comment, dear.. really appreciate it :D
    and yeah, I spent almost 4 hours just to design all the background and things on my blog. I'm so lame on CSS :|
    btw, are you Indonesian? I notice the 'cendol' word, but I totally think you look like a malaysian or pinoy :D

    Come and hail to my cruise, yo mates!

    1. nope, I am malaysian dear..but when I was in indonesia, i did pass off as indonesian until i started speaking! :D oh, ya, we had cendol here too..not sure if it's the same with indonesia's cendol..

  4. ohh the cupcakes are SO cute!! love them!!

  5. Wonderful photos!!


  6. OOO so beautiful and cute <3 Thank you for the nice comment. I could go to H&M showroom Zurich to look the Spring 2012 collection, the photos at my blog, how do you like our collection?

    <3 Anja


  7. What a lovely post! I never knew about the sand ceremony before but I think its amazing! Also, cupcakes for the wedding is a fantastic idea! Did you wear a saree for the indian wedding?? I'm Indian btw :)

  8. Awww the wedding ceremony is so sweet, I always think the garden wedding ceremony is much more fun and casual than the in-door one. And btw you have a lovely style, I love your dress and your bag! And wait wait wait, cendol? I LOVE CENDOL TOO!!! :D

  9. You look gorgeous in red!
    And looks like the weddings were awesome.

    Come visit my blog and let's follow each other on GFC?


  10. LOVE YOUR BLOG <33
    i'm following you
    mind to follow back? :)


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