Friday, December 30, 2011

DIY: 2012 financial planner

 I would like to add 1 last DIY post to mark the end of year 2011. One thing that I do regularly every month is budget planning. I'm not too particular and I don't want every single details. Just, need to know roughly where my money goes and to keep myself updated about my bills. A-ni-waay....surprisingly, I can't find what I need in the net. Some are probably too indepth and even when it is simple it is too compliacated and doesn't cater to my needs. So, I went shopping..and nada~ I can't find a budget planner!! Except probably an empty accounting ledger (me no mathematician/accountant). So, I decided to make one of my own. I believe everyone should do this because, really budget is too personalized to come in a one-fit-all template.

#1 I wrote down in A4 paper what I want to keep track of. Basically my savings and bills for that month and other variables that changes with time e.g. food, fun, stuff you buy for yourself. Next, I made photostat copies of those so that I would have 12 budget pieces for each month.

#2 Cut the papers to have 12 of them. Punch holes on top of them. If you are an OCD, this is utmost important step, cause you'll want to make sure all 12 pieces have their hole aligned. But, if you are not, then just estimate ya. That's what I did.

#3 Secure them with these paper rings. I got them 4 for rm1. Pretty cheap eh. 

#4 To make sure they last longer, I prepared these hard cover using black drawing board. It's so boring being plain black. So, go bonkers! Be creative!

#5 I just doodled on some scrap card board. It would give a very 3D effect on the cover.

#6 Cut it out and glue! Now you can use for year 2012! :) Very easy to do, and cost me around rm3? Probably less cause I use a lot of stuff that is lying dormant in my room.

p/s- my rabbit responded to his name..yay to the rabbit species!!

Thursday, December 29, 2011

The best lakorn in 2011!

Okay, this is all purely my own opinion. Plus, I only started watching lakorn (thai dramas) this year so my opinion is based on the 4 lakorns that I have watched. :). Here are the list of dramas I have watched first:

Sood Sanae Ha (Love Recipe starring Ken and Ann)- The first lakorn that I fell in love with. Not my first lakorn, but the ones I saw before previously aired in the local TV was so bluek~ But, this, this totally changed my mind about thai lakorns. It's has a pretty modern and light story line. There's character development and a lot of meaningful thought provoking scenes. Most importantly, made me LOL like literally. So, this lakorn will forever have a place in my heart, for changing my preception of thai lakorns. :D brings back good feelings.

My fav scene
The next lakorn that I watched was Duang Jai Akkanee (Akkanee's sweetheart starring Nadech and yaya). It's a short 7 episode lakorn. The genre is romantic comedy too. I only watch dramas while eating dinner so nah, no action/investigative drama for me. I'm not risking choking on food or vomiting. yek~ Anyway, it's a classic Romeo-Juliet love story with a thai cowboy twist. The story started kinda slow with lots of bickering between the two main character. I stuck with it despite the slow beginning because of Yaya...My, oh, my...she's a beauty i tell you. She look like an angel!! She's sooo beautiful that I'm not even jealous. So they hate each other and there's no way in hell they would get together. One day, they had a huge misunderstanding. They woke in bed both kinda half naked with a red stain on Yaya's crotch and they thought they did it. This is where it gets exciting!! The hot tempered Nadech then decides to court Yaya because, he wants to be responsible. That's when I fell for Nadech.And then the drama begins.

cdt: fan club
Game rai Game ruk- My third drama of the year, staring nadech and yaya. Nadech is hotter looking here and both of their acting capabilities improved tremendously making the drama so believable. I bought the whole scenario they were selling no matter how ridiculous it is. They made me believe it!! (maybe some how deep down i needed the escape too). A-ni-waayy, the title in english means Evil Game, Love Game. All started when the islander dumb-dumb Saichon (played by Nadech) found a stranded unconscious lady on the beach. He nurtured her to life (possibly using Reiki powers) and some chanting. She regain consciousness only to find out that she doesn't remember anything. He named her Nang fah meaning angel. (She does look like an angel) Lots of funny sweet scenes later they fell in love and got married. They led a humble, very naive island life. The island is kinda backward i think, the only doctor they have is a witch and no police etc. Up to now, it's Game Love. A-ni-waay, one day they got separated ruthlessly and Nang fah went back to her sister. She lost her memory again after an electric shock treatment. Lots of twist of fate here. Somehow he got a godfather and went to America and became CEO of godfather's airline company in 3 years time and  here is where The Evil Game starts. He found his Nang Fah but she has  forgotten him. He transformed from a humble, naive, hot-tempered islander boy to a slick, conniving, sadistic, suave, still hot-tempered city man.  The story probably doesn't really makes sense now and I would love to give the whole synopsis but I think I'd save it for a whole post on GRGR...muahaha!!
Forced date cdt: as tagged

Yaya confused with her bipolar partner cdt: as tagged

cdt: iheartlakorn

 Sam Noom Neua Thong (3 golden guys) is my 4th drama. It is still airing in Thailand Channel 3. The story revolves around 3 couples and 3 different types of relationship. It's a modern take of love story. A boss secretly in love with his worker who's in a toxic relationship. A playboy falling in love with a dork, but a cute one at that. And an old relationship in which everything has turned sour. Okay, nuff said. Me not excited. I watched halfway and like..meh~ maybe will watch it again but not now.

I think it's quite clear which lakorn i think is the best.

Let me make this clear about my obsession. Never in my life had I arranged my schedule according to the airing date of this lakorn or any drama. Never in my life have I dedicated a day to laze around and watch episodes I have missed. I never lost sleep over a drama. Never! Never! Never say never. I know I sound like a loser after declaring all that. But ya, that was how I was during the last 6 episodes of the drama. Crazy. Need I note that I'm back to being a human being now. Yes, I am back to normal, people. 

that bloody lakorn that got me all worked up is.......

Game Rai Game Ruk u got me Yadech fever alright.. cdt: as tagged (i can't read thai too :c)

Will there be any lakorn that gets me as excited ever..? again? 2012, you tell me!!

p/s: I'm adding the youtube video links of the lakorns from the awesome uploader and subber wishboniko on youtube that I have mentioned in this post! All credits to her!

1. Game Rai Game Ruk (eng sub) episode 1.1 - complete episodes!

2. Duang Jai Akkanee (eng sub) episode 1.1 - complete episodes!

3. Soot Sanaeha episode 1 part 1 (eng sub) - complete episodes!!

4.  Sam Noom Neua Thong episode 1 part 1 - finished airing but eng sub is not completed yet.

* hope this helps!! :D

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

white lies


I'm not good at it but sometimes it is deemed necessary in order not to hurt the other person.

Not fun being a liar. Once u spun your tale, u better stick with it.

And, no matter how we rationalize it
deep down we know
pics from: weheartit


I have to admit. I'm a little lost these days. I am addicted to a couple of stuff, mainly dramas, i move from one obsession to the other and like all addiction, the withdrawal is pain. I move from thing to another but the root cause is the same. I'm finding something to entertain me, I'm looking for something to fill me. When i'm back to reality from my escape world, I realize how imperfect life is. I am burdened by my attachment, and seek to escape again. What is love? Love in reality has many conditions. A very, very simple would be: would your parents really love you unconditionally? I am saying unconditionally. Love in itself has many conditions set by society. The norms they call it.

So yes, I do wonder about the meaning of life. A lot.
is it really this? i think the picture is really beautiful.
This makes the most sense. Really, life's meaning are whatever we give it. Because it doesn't have any to begin with.

I hope one day, I can be free from all my attachment and, shrug it off..
pics from: weheartit

Friday, December 2, 2011

I love bazaar

snack of the day
Last weekend I participated in a bazaar at subang parade with my friend. I was selling my thrifted clothes collection. A lot of vintage jackets found new owners that day. Many were my favourite and I don't even have pictures of them!! (just memories left in my head..bleh~)

our humble little beginning :)
It was a tiring day for me because I did most of the carrying on my own. But I find fulfillment when people get excited at my clothes just like how I was excited at them when I first got to them.

Everything so blurry, everything so gray
Handmade by yours truly

Posing with Angela the mannequin and Tiff
What I wore:
Lilac peterpan collar blouse from chowchow boutique, 
pencil cut black skirt, 
sling bag from India.
Hope I will improve next time!

Thursday, November 17, 2011

DIY: turban headband

Here I am with my long overdue turban headband DIY. The thing I love with this headband is that it fits all kinds of hair style! Short or long, bangs, side-parting, middle parting, even pixie cut!! And it is definitely one of the hottest style in 2011.

The olsens
How patriotically cute! From the goldensaturn at $35. *pengsan*
It's pretty easy to do from the looks of it. I've seen a few tutorials and here is my take on it.

What you need
I decided to choose the golden cloth for a more regal look. It can be regal or whimsical depending on the type of cloth you choose. As always, experiment!!

It's all done in an hour time!! :)

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

for a much clearer mind

i am in the midst of decluttering and detoxifying my room!

our bedroom should be haven and a place that reflects our innermost thought. if it is all cluttered and messed up. what does it say about you?? Would you even want to stay in the room.
my dream room: am loving the pink, grey, white colours
“We don’t need to increase our goods nearly as much as we need to scale down our wants. Not wanting something is as good as possessing it.” - Donald Horban

pics from:
links for decluttering tips: decluttering your closet, 5-min decluttering tips

Sunday, November 13, 2011


pic cdt: weheartit
"escapism is when I read a book about the kind of love i want to have whilst sipping on a beer alone in my room, reality is when i chuck all those book into a drawer, lock'em up. stow away the liquor. comb my hair and put on a new mask. and look for a companion i will never love"

It's a really sad story. But, i hope you find your happy ending.

pic cdt: chapi chapo
suzsuz: if there's one thing we should escape from, it's not reality but the demons in our head.

We run KL 10k!!

Last Saturday, I went to pick up my Nike run race pack at Midvalley..I've been only on a couple of runs..but I got to say..Nike run is the fanciest!!! They even have a booth at Midvalley north court. Damn impressed.
nice sturdy bag
Other marathons would probably give all your race pack in a simple clear plastic. blegh~~ This bag is strong and sturdy but it's the content that got me hypersalivating...

The nikerun shirt in a reddish-orangish colour. (i love the colour) and a nike tumbler
Awesome or what. I can't wait to run!!! But then again,this wouldn't materialise if it wasn't for my awesome friends. God, I am so grateful for them. Thank you god....for friends~

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

I am grateful for where I am today.

There are some things in your past that might have traumatised you. Perhaps an incident or something you endured for a long time. I used to feel nauseous when I wake up every day and dread getting out of bed. But now no more. Leaving is an option (then) but again you wonder, is it me? Or, is it the environment? What if I leave and I find out that the problem is me?  I still can't tell if it's me or the environment. It is not that clear cut. Occasionally, one or two things crop up and remind you of your past pain. Suffice to say that, I do not detest the past no more. I do not reject that part of me, or how I have felt. I do not need your empathy no more because I am sure that I am a better person because of it. And, I am, I am grateful for where I am today. :)

     On a totally unrelated note, epibday to en.nanas. We celebrated at ikea! :) massive love to ikea. I just love some of the designs there! Gotten lotsa inspiration for future room decor.  

a daim choco cake and one french fry as a candle. hepi bday to u.
meatballs and cranberry sauce combo is awesome!!
my latest thrifted find: an oversized forever21 stripe sweater
to chicpop:  turquoise top and thrifted purple skinny jeans .
Went to Chicpop on the 29th of October. I can't wait when it's my turn to have my own stall! :)

Thursday, October 27, 2011

my happiest moment..

this is my happiest moment with my dancemates
I took some time choosing which picture would represent the happiest moment of my life. The picture above came to mind after some thinking. It was taken somewhere in 2008. It was during my university years and you know how they say 'enjoy your studying times. It is the best time of your life'. I enjoy my course but not crazily passionate about it. I was halfway through my undergraduate years when I realized that I had been in autopilot mode for a long time. Day in-day out, I repeat the same routine, over and over and over..again... Ugh! Boring!! I was definitely not having a joy ride! 

        On top of that I was going through a rough time in my life. I was really beaten up and down for some time. Until one day, I felt like I had enough already!! I was at the library when I made the decision. I caught sight of the book entitled "Being happy" by Andrew Matthews and I picked that book and finished it on the way home in the bus. It was the turning point of my life. I started to feel responsible about my life again and it all became clearer to me. I have been a zombie all this while. Unknowingly; going with the flow; without a sense of purpose. I devoured more self help book and decided to switch off the autopilot mode and captain my own plane.
Our first dance performance together..Shakalaka baby
        I saw this group dancing modern indian dance on stage one day. And, I thought to myself. Man, they look so cool...I want to share the same stage with them... And, so happen a short while after that they were looking for new dancers in their group. From underneath my coconut shell that I have been hiding, I took a risk, thicken my face and went for the dance group tryout. Before this, I have really loved dancing and have been dancing secretly in my room because I was too shy to dance in front of anyone else. They have been the 'best-est' mates I had. I really enjoyed being part of the group. They accepted me for who I am. We practiced till we got it right. Performed. Entered competition and practically took home 90% of the prizes. Winning is a bonus. But my happiest moment is, being part of the dance crew and sharing the stage with them. That, money can't buy. And, every time I look back at those pictures of how all of us from different background and race (Chinese, Indian, Malay, Kadazan, Iban, 1Malaysia weh..) got together and performed together, I can't help but smile. :)

Behind the scene, touch up
Behind the scene, laughing nervously
Friends who came to support
the whole dance crew
Okay, a lot of pictures are of bad quality. But I feel happy when I see them. Had to edit a bit to make them look nicer but still.....I'm a noob when it comes to photo editing. :( But with the Olympus PEN mini, I wouldn't have to anymore. I read bout it at Cheesie or you could try to enter a competition by Olympus!!
Here's what you stand to win:
1st prize – Olympus PEN Lite E-PL3 Kit
2nd Prize – Olympus PEN mini E-PM1 Kit
3rd – 5th Prize – Olympus PEN Leather carry-all bag

Find out more about the competition here: Nuffnang