Friday, December 30, 2011

DIY: 2012 financial planner

 I would like to add 1 last DIY post to mark the end of year 2011. One thing that I do regularly every month is budget planning. I'm not too particular and I don't want every single details. Just, need to know roughly where my money goes and to keep myself updated about my bills. A-ni-waay....surprisingly, I can't find what I need in the net. Some are probably too indepth and even when it is simple it is too compliacated and doesn't cater to my needs. So, I went shopping..and nada~ I can't find a budget planner!! Except probably an empty accounting ledger (me no mathematician/accountant). So, I decided to make one of my own. I believe everyone should do this because, really budget is too personalized to come in a one-fit-all template.

#1 I wrote down in A4 paper what I want to keep track of. Basically my savings and bills for that month and other variables that changes with time e.g. food, fun, stuff you buy for yourself. Next, I made photostat copies of those so that I would have 12 budget pieces for each month.

#2 Cut the papers to have 12 of them. Punch holes on top of them. If you are an OCD, this is utmost important step, cause you'll want to make sure all 12 pieces have their hole aligned. But, if you are not, then just estimate ya. That's what I did.

#3 Secure them with these paper rings. I got them 4 for rm1. Pretty cheap eh. 

#4 To make sure they last longer, I prepared these hard cover using black drawing board. It's so boring being plain black. So, go bonkers! Be creative!

#5 I just doodled on some scrap card board. It would give a very 3D effect on the cover.

#6 Cut it out and glue! Now you can use for year 2012! :) Very easy to do, and cost me around rm3? Probably less cause I use a lot of stuff that is lying dormant in my room.

p/s- my rabbit responded to his name..yay to the rabbit species!!


  1. you're so creative my dear !

    I actually do plan everything, I love writing on papers, decorate them, even though I knew things I wrote will never be done.

    you put so much effort on these cute little DIYS'. that's the reason I love your blog =D do share more please =)

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