Tuesday, December 20, 2011


I have to admit. I'm a little lost these days. I am addicted to a couple of stuff, mainly dramas, i move from one obsession to the other and like all addiction, the withdrawal is pain. I move from thing to another but the root cause is the same. I'm finding something to entertain me, I'm looking for something to fill me. When i'm back to reality from my escape world, I realize how imperfect life is. I am burdened by my attachment, and seek to escape again. What is love? Love in reality has many conditions. A very, very simple would be: would your parents really love you unconditionally? I am saying unconditionally. Love in itself has many conditions set by society. The norms they call it.

So yes, I do wonder about the meaning of life. A lot.
is it really this? i think the picture is really beautiful.
This makes the most sense. Really, life's meaning are whatever we give it. Because it doesn't have any to begin with.

I hope one day, I can be free from all my attachment and, shrug it off..
pics from: weheartit

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