Sunday, November 13, 2011

We run KL 10k!!

Last Saturday, I went to pick up my Nike run race pack at Midvalley..I've been only on a couple of runs..but I got to say..Nike run is the fanciest!!! They even have a booth at Midvalley north court. Damn impressed.
nice sturdy bag
Other marathons would probably give all your race pack in a simple clear plastic. blegh~~ This bag is strong and sturdy but it's the content that got me hypersalivating...

The nikerun shirt in a reddish-orangish colour. (i love the colour) and a nike tumbler
Awesome or what. I can't wait to run!!! But then again,this wouldn't materialise if it wasn't for my awesome friends. God, I am so grateful for them. Thank you god....for friends~

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