Thursday, November 17, 2011

DIY: turban headband

Here I am with my long overdue turban headband DIY. The thing I love with this headband is that it fits all kinds of hair style! Short or long, bangs, side-parting, middle parting, even pixie cut!! And it is definitely one of the hottest style in 2011.

The olsens
How patriotically cute! From the goldensaturn at $35. *pengsan*
It's pretty easy to do from the looks of it. I've seen a few tutorials and here is my take on it.

What you need
I decided to choose the golden cloth for a more regal look. It can be regal or whimsical depending on the type of cloth you choose. As always, experiment!!

It's all done in an hour time!! :)


  1. great idea!

  2. thanks. i had fun doing them too...

  3. hi sweetheart,
    you are so pretty and creative! love the diy project as well and you inspire me to do the same thing someday! it is just so sweet!

    i already follow you :D but i dont know why my picture does not appear on your follower. maybe i will check it later. i will try to add your blog url to my reading list. i promise to follow you :D would you mind to follow me back?

  4. what a great idea!
    i'll have to give it a try.
    now following your lovely blog :)

    follow back? eye_spy

  5. you're so creative and productive hahaha :D and omg the olsen twins! they're my style muses! :D