Tuesday, February 21, 2012

I would still wear autumn..

Lace slip, halter top, high waisted pants and gold flats.
Even if there's no 4 season in my country. I wore this for a lunch date with friends. It's very casual and comfortable. Kinda boring..but at least I'm venturing out of my tshirt and jeans!! teeheee...

Recently, I asked my best friend to buy thai mags for me during her vacation in Bangkok. My main secret wish is to have something of my favourite thai celeb in print... *fangirl mode* She got ViVi thailand. I was like damn...No way in chance I will get my celeb pictures. But, I kept on telling myself. At least she got me stuff, I am happy for that. Imagine my surprise when I flipped through the mag and saw this.... *faints*

Oh, you handsome boy!
*doing the happy dance*


  1. aw, damn hot <3 :p


  2. Simply casual yet chic outfit :D
    Omg everyone love handsome boy <3