Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Game Rai Game Ruk

This is my favourite lakorn in 2011 and I would recommend everyone to watch this!! Hehehe.

It's a 21 episode slapkiss and revenge lakorn aired in Thai Channel3 which ended on Dec 2011. The title Game Rai, Game Ruk literally means Evil Game, Love Game. There are 2 scenes; the island scenes and the city city scenes both separated by 3 years. It stars the uber popular on-screen couple Urassaya Sperbund as Fahlada/Nang Fah and Nadech Kugimiya as Saichon/Charles. They have 2 different names because they have 2 different character to play.

hello? u ok?
 All started when the islander Saichon (played by Nadech) found a stranded unconscious lady on the beach. He nurtured her to life (possibly using Reiki powers) and some chanting. She regain consciousness only to find out that she doesn't remember anything and has a mind of a 8 year old. He named her Nang fah meaning angel. (She does look like an angel) Lots of funny sweet scenes in the island. Imagine a beautiful full grown woman who has lost all social conventions living with a man and creating havoc along the way. I think Yaya acted very well.

 Later on, she grew up and became a lady and they got married. They led a humble, very naive island life. The island is kinda backward i think, the only doctor they have is a witch and no police etc.

The realization
Up to now, it's Game Love. One day they got separated ruthlessly and Nang fah went back to her sister. She lost her memory again after an electric shock treatment. Saichon tried to look for Nang Fah in the city but to no avail.. Somehow he got a godfather and went to America.

3 years later, Saichon became CEO of godfather's airline company in 3 years time and is now known as Khun Charles. Here is where The Evil Game starts. He found his Nang Fah but she has  forgotten him. She is now Fahlada. He transformed from a humble, naive, hot-tempered islander boy to a slick, conniving, sadistic, suave, still hot-tempered city man. He tried to make her stay with him by force and by manipulating her sister but it's a lose-lose game for all of them. I'm not giving out the ending.

The main characters
 Nadech and Yaya are both too hot. Their acting improved tremendously here and it was so believable. Charles was a meanie in this show but I still liked him. Have you ever been in a relationship with a very passionate man? He treats Fahlada like she's the only female on earth and would go to all means to have her with him. He is very mean when he is desperate (evil deeds includes insulting her, tying her up, kidnapping and all) but he goes all goey when she is  hurt.

The verdict: 9/10 (i love this so much!!) -1 because Fahlada is too forgiving to the point that is considered dumb.

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  1. Hi Suzsuz okay? Read your text and despite the drama be 2011 now in 2014 I assiti by youtube after meeting instagram of Yaya. I confess that it is without doubt the best story ever vi.Agora'm watching The Rising Sun with Yaya and Nadech também. are amazing actors and has a perfect chemistry. I am delighted with all the Thais knew .Don't dramas because I'm Brazilian and I could only watch the videos with subtitles in English.