Tuesday, January 31, 2012

How to Suit Up after hours!

Hanabishi blazer with deep purple lining,iolet t-shirt from FOS, ROMP skinny jeans, pumps from a bazaar, unbranded lilac vintage-like bag from Times Square
I wore this for a dinner date with my family. I got the blazer from a thrifting trip and instantly fell in love with it. A blazer that would fit my brother just nice but is a little oversized for me. Honestly, I’ve never worn a blazer out for anything other than in the office. Of course it's nothing new to bring your blazer out for a casual outing. A lot of people have been doing it but for me, it's a new leap!!

Here’s how I brought it out of the closet:

1. It could be too masculine – All you got to do is tame it. Pair a blazer with a killer pump and let your hair down!

2. It could be too formal – Couple it with casual clothings and you get smart casual!! In my case, I coupled it with my skinny jeans and plain blue tee.

3. It could be too serious – get a silly blazer then. One with coloured linings or accessorize.

Finally got to wear!


  1. Love the shoes and the blazer!


  2. thanks for the encouragement.. :D