Monday, January 9, 2012

New Year + New FLoral Wreath..

I think it's not too late to say hello 2012!! I am really happy to be part of you. And even if its the end of the world on 12th of Dec (according to my mom and she said her resource was the Mayan calendar), I don't think I have any regrets. Act, I don't mind if it is end of the world or not. I think life has to go on. (or not go on) No matter much time we have on earth, we must cherish every moment of it.

 I made a floral hair wreath after inspirations from stores in etsy and Yaya in Game Rai Game Ruk. I like how it turn out. I am on headband madness now!! I want to make more, more!! :DDD

Which brings me to my New Year's resolution:
1. DIY more!! 1 new DIY project per week. Actually, my real dream is to have a successful handmade business. :D Amen.

2. Cook at least once a week at home. Reason being: healthier. True underlying motive: I want to save for my travel plan.

3. Travel to 2 different countries this year. This year's must go is Bangkok!! I hope to be able to bring my mom there. I know that would make her really happy.

4. Have better skin. I think there's only so much skincare products can do. I want to nourish my skin from within. Drink more water, eat more fruits, exercise (people who exercise regularly always looks younger than their age).

5. Blog regularly. At least once a week la duh....At least can keep track of my activities.

6. Read at least one book per month. To be more specific: feel good books so I feel good every month.

7. Save more money!! This one don't need to elaborate la.

8. Be more neat.

9. Be more adventurous with fashion. If not now, when? It's going to be the end of the world soon!!

10. Work diligently and give good customer service all the time. Improve my knowledge in my field too. :D

I can only think of these. No six pack abs for me. I am happy with my little cute pouch. :D. I'm just so grateful I came this far in life. There's a long way more to go. Happy 2012 all!!