Saturday, January 28, 2012

Welcoming the dragon year.

The year is the year of the water dragon according to the chinese lunar calendar. The water dragon will bring, heck, lotsa water!! Think rain, storm...tsunami?? gulp!! Personally, I do feel we are on our way to more extreme weathers with our reckless living. Water dragon or no, there will be storm. A-ny-wayy, I digressed. This year's Chinese New Year was extra special to me because I went back to my hometown. It made me really happy to see all my relatives. It also made me think a lot too.

I got to see my grandma again. This picture will always reminds me about impermanence and how one day, I will age too. Or not. (if i die young, i get a botox, a new anti aging drug is invented, u never know). Time will pass me by. I hope if I ever reach that age, I would still be as feisty and high-spirited.. :D

The customary steamboat. Man.....I love this!! I could have it for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Best with lots of people. My favourite items are crab stick, quail's egg, oyster and enoki mushroom!! bliss~  

Not a typical CNY feast. It's mango somtam (thai salad), grilled chicken wings and glutinous rice. It's something my relatives prepared for us during our visit. It was sooooooooooooooo deli-delicious!! Miss it!!

My CNY ensemble. I bought all this during my shopping trip in Times Square, Kuala Lumpur. This whole attire cost me a hundred ringgit. (White tee RM10/crimson shorts with belt RM30/lilac vintage-like bag RM40/tan wedges RM20). I got it all at a good bargain. And the quality is not too bad. Max love the wedges. It's the last piece, my size and so comfortable!!

Everyone, meet momo. He's staying with my grandpa and he is such a cutie!

Yoyot (my rabbit) had been living with O (my friend's one eared cat) when I was away. DO NOT leave cats and rabbits together unsupervised. This picture was taken during yoyot's exercise time and it is under supervision. Yoyot looks real relaxed. I wouldn't say the same for O though. He seems a little tensed!

That's CNY for me this year. A long holiday, but very fruitful indeed. I will remember it with good feelings. Hope all of you had a good time too!! :D


  1. waaa..u put ur pets together..something amazing!
    i never did that.. little scared maybe.hehehe

  2. act my rabbit was over at my fren's place for boarding because i was away during cny. not advisable to keep different species together in the same place..that was just taken during my rabbit's exercise time..and,under supervision! better be careful ya...