Friday, December 17, 2010

Once upon a picnic...

Oh, hello, another delayed post from me. this picture is taken in UPM during my convocation. (17th October 2010). I am very blessed to have an enthusiastic photographer and the ever-so-willing-partner-in-crime En.Nanas. The skirt is given to me by my neighbour a long, long time ago and is actually part of a dress. I chopped off the upper half because there is a huge stain on it. Had to do something with the lower half because i totally love the prints. That's something that you just can't throw away!

Him: Lallalla~~
Her: Oh, mi amour~~

 Her: I've always wanted to be a rockstar.

 Her: *chuckles*

 Her: You look exhausted..You should take some rest.
Him: Oh, no. I'm fine.
Her: Oh, give me the guitar!!

                     Her: Let's kick arse!!!
                          Him: I'm not too sure...~   

Her: Tube dress worn as inner, RM25, hand-me-down floral skirt (refashioned), lace bolero RM15, COTTON ON black flats
Him: Black fitted blazer (photographer's), shirt and pants (i don't know actually :P), CONVERSE sneakers, polka dot bow tie DIY

Photographer: Paan Adzhar

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