Friday, June 3, 2011

Tongue in Chic: Rimmel's Match perfection~

recently, i've participated in this contest by tongue in chic. that's a first time.

okay, i admit i need some help

when i showed this picture to the bf, he was kinda speechless. i wouldn't take nothing as an answer and gruelled him until he said it was amateurish. i was disheartened!! well, this is one of my first few attempts at styling my own self, makeup, photoshoot and all. arrh!! was upset at that time but i defended myself by saying, i've tried my very best. (and hopefully will get better in time)

Tip tap tup tup..

i got the consolation prize!!! winning makes me so happy!! eventhough it is not the first place but being rewarded for doing something you love is such a bliss! and the recognition that, hey, you barely got it this time but try much better next time.

I'm getting my hand on these babies
the first person i called was my bf of course.

suzsuz: I got the consolation prize for my amateurish job!! (Hah!! in your face!!!)
api: is there a lot of people in the competition?
suzsuz: ...........

p/s- just for the record, there were more than 6 people. i think. thanks tongue in chic and rimmel!! i love rimmel. i love their models. kate moss and now zoeey deschannel?? absolute love! and they were so kind to ask me to test what shade suits my skin the most. not like some competition in which they give you stuff they don't need anymore.

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