Friday, July 29, 2011

clinique star tour 2011 picture..ugh!!

Last week, I finally got Clinique Star Tour pictures and i had an Eewww~ moment when I saw it!! i quickly closed the page and only revisited them again yesterday. Yes, the eyebrows were very Chinese Opera dramatic!! And that was after the make up artist had 'tone it down' after I pointed it out to her. I think it is partly my fault because I did not trim my eyebrows that day (quickly went back and trim my eyebrows!!) and perhaps thick eyebrows were all the rage at the time.                                            

picture from :
 But, seriously, I ended up looking like Sin Chan.

Sometimes too thick eyebrows makes a girl look almost Neanderthal (uga..uga!!). I know i did.

I tried editing the picture by thinning and lightening my eyebrows.
Ah, much better. in real life, my eyebrows are barely visible. At least I know, thick eyebrows doesn't work for me. So, I'm never going thick again!

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