Thursday, October 7, 2010


It's already 7th October 2010..
there's not much time left till the end of this year....

I'm grateful to God for all the exciting things that have happened so far...
Here's my wishlist for the rest of the year..
Watch me come back n slash one by one!!

1. A mini vacation wif nanas busy year for him............. maybe next yr!!
2. dressing upstylishly! i'd say im more adventurous dis yr.. ok, more2!!
3. Photoshoot  with Pune and Nanas
4. Photoshoot with Paan and Nanas
5. Selling items on internet arrr................
6. Refashion more items stil lotsa unfinished projects....focus suz focus!
7. Continuous education
8. Earn rm 4-5k per month
9. give mom rm 500 per month. hurm~
10. Penang Bridge International Marathon
11. workout at least once every week    I'm doing this in preparation for PBIM. 

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