Saturday, October 23, 2010

What else is there in life?

It is so lonely to be sitting alone in the room wondering to ownself. What else can i do? What else to do with life? what else can give me eternal happiness?

i miss the circle of friends i used to have while studying. i think i'm just the kind of person that needs a lot of people around her. And, i don't mean colleagues. I try not to get close with them as i do not want to be entangled in office politics. Right now, i don't really have any close friends with me. The one i have now seems rather unreliable. Have to make a lot of compromise to have her as my friend. Can't even have her behaving like a proper friend. I miss my good friend Devebra in Sarawak. She has been very close to me. and i shared a lot with her. I miss her dearly. so so much. Yes, we use to fight and etc but she gave me so much support. Fuh~~ i miss dev2..

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