Monday, October 1, 2012

The bitch

I wanna be the bitch that forgots your birthday
the bitch that says 'it's over'
I can 't do anything and repeats it every year.
The bitch that gets the last word in a silent treatment
the bitch that says no to you to be with her friends
the bitch that wouldn't put her in your place
but has no problem putting you in your rightful place..
go fuck yourself and get yourself checked
come crawling back to me and
find your slot in my ever busy timetable
the bitch who never has to be patient to you
I wanna be that bitch that never says sorry
the bitch that says go fuck yourself
the bitch that never says sorry
sorry but I wanna be that bitch

1 comment:

  1. When you meet the right one, all these dont matter anymore. It will just be naturally..

    Remembers his birthday,
    Its over but its not yet gone,
    Will even repeat every night,
    The only last word in a silent background is muahhh, muahhh, muahhhhh...