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Review: Yes Or No 2 (Thai)

I haven't been blogging for awhile because I do not have any interesting to share (plus in real life, I'm a pretty secretive person) but I felt compelled to write about something I saw. Something that moved me enough to open this dusty box that is my blog.

Yes!! I have finally watched Yes Or No 2! *dancedance*

Okay, Let me get this straight before I start. (I get this every time I talk about this movie). I'm a straight girl and I love man and their goodies. Just because I like this movie doesn't mean I'm have homosexual tendencies. Aside from the core theme of a lesbian relationship, this movie and its prequel depicts numerous universal issues affecting couples. And I felt it more for Kim and Pie because it's harder to be in a homosexual relationship with the stigma from society.

In this sequel Kim and Pie are going off for internship for their course. Because of their different interest, they were separated by quite a distant. Pie to Chanthaburi and Kim to the Nan province. One to the sea and the other to the mountain, separated by the land and terrains between them. They say, distance makes the heart grow fonder. But then there is Yam, the 'other person', will the heart grow fonder or will it falter?In short, the movie just beckons the question, what happens when the honeymoon is over?

My views:
  • The story line  
I love the storyline. I was never a believer of 'happily ever after'. The union of a couple is just a beginning of another tale. I'm sure a lot of couples will encounter this phase in their relationship. The phase in which you question your very first decision to be together and your compatibility. This is the phase that will break the couple if they are not meant to be. The turmoils that they encounter in the movie is so universal. After years of being in a relationship there are certain habits that used to be endearing are no longer endearing annymore.What happens when you are finally bored of your partner?

source: Yes or no official fb

  • Love the actors, director and the writer (and the entire crew?)
Just like the first movie, the movie is light with sweet scenes that touch your heart. This movie is different from thai lakorns (drama) in which the characters are mostly one dimensional and acting can be very dramatic. The acting is very real. It was not overly dramatised, and perhaps because the main characters in the movie are relatively newcomers, there's a sense of vulnerability in their portrayal of the characters that makes them so relatable. I love Yam too. There is no nang' rai (villain) in this movie, every single person is at fault and faultless as it is. Yam could be you and me falling for someone that doesn't belongs to her. I guess the credit will have to go to the director and write themselves. The movie doesn't feel pretentious or preachy in anyway. All the lessons were delivered so subtly.  Although there were no monologues, the characters dilemma inner conflicts were evident in their face. So acting wise, I bought it!!

source: Yes or No official fb
  • Kim and Pie the couple
I felt I was Pie. I know how she feels. (i'm always the baby in the relationship). Kim-Pie has great chemistry. I've seen male-female couple on screen that paled in their comparison. When I watched the movie, I just root for them because they look so cute together. :D

source: Yes or No official fb
  • The ending  (There's no spoiler ahead but if you are the kind of person who doesn't want to know anything about the movie until you watched it, STOP RIGHT NOW. what the hell are you doing here in the first place?)
The ending left little to be desired for. Man.............I don't wanna reveal any spoilers but I just felt the ending could have been more polished. It just felt too rushed for me. I guess like the pupae leaving its cocoon, I'd expected for the ending to slowly resolve whatever issues they had head on and slowly unravel to be a butterfly that is their love for each other. Instead, I felt like they just came up with a conclusion in the middle of an unresolved conflict.

source: Yes or No official fb

All in all, I love the movie!! I finished with a warm gooey feeling in my tummy.
Towards the end of the movie I actually find Kim cute..oops!! Hahaha.. What did I just say in the beginning?

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