Sunday, October 2, 2011

DiY: newspaper seedling pots

There are many, many things that I wish to do that I did not. The time is not perfect, I have not enough this/that and the list goes on. One of the stuff that i have always wanted to do is gardening. My dream is to own a landed property with a nice garden to it. I want to have an open kitchen and a herb/vege garden next to it. I want to be self-sustainable!!! And now that I'm living in an apartment I thought, I'll have to wait. But the waiting is over as one day I saw a quote somewhere, it said, be the person you want to be today!! It got me thinking. What am I waiting for?? For a landed property? When would that come? 10 years from now? So, I stopped making excuses and started planting. It's just the beginning, but I am enjoying every minute of it.
I tasted a super sweet cherry tomato the other day I thought, I can plant this! I harvested the seeds and got started with stuffs already available in my apartment. The germinating bed is a polystyrene food tray. Once I see those tiny roots jutting out i transfer them to my homemade newspaper seedling pots.
Grow!! Grow!!

DIY Newspaper seedling pots

We are making these!!

The equipments
It's a pretty no-brainer actually. You need something tubular as a mould for your pots (vitamin bottle and foundation bottle on top). Just cut the paper length wise and wrap it around your mould. I glued the bottom with the stick glue. Trim according to the size that you want. I found how to make them online on the instructables. Do go to the link if you still don't understand how to do it.

Fill soil in!! And put in your seedlings!
Made the signboards with toothpicks and magic colour.
Yoyot the mad hatter!

Another plant. My daun cekur (aka sand ginger) is growing well. :)

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