Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Tongue In Chic X John Galliano


Above was my submission for Tongue In Chic X John Galliano competition. We were suppose to style ourselves like Taylor Momsen, John Galliano's new muse for his latest fragrance Parlez-Moi D'Amour. I hope I did justice to Taylor Momsen. She is one unique girl. I love how imperfect I should look, how absurd the matching was, how over the top and how I-couldn't-care-less.

En.Nanas the photographer. TQ lep2!
 I'm really glad that I won the consolation prize for the competition. :) I enjoyed the whole creative process involved in the photo shoot and being rewarded with the perfume is an added yummy bonus. It feels awesome to be rewarded for doing the stuff that you love. It's like love attract more love. I am going to do more of this!

Yoyot and his couldn't-care-less attitude..d~uhh~
Easily earning a life by doing the things I love. Amen.


  1. i love your legging in the first photo.. it looks so chic, cool. where did you get them? =D

  2. I didn't have any patterned leggings so those were actually a combo of 2 leggings: 1 sheer black ones and 1 fishnet pattern on top..i think i bought it at sungai wang! thanx candy! :)

  3. thank you. i shall try it too. it's so sexy without exposing any skin. btw, i would love to add you on Facebook. add me up? (Khong Wai Ling)